We offer the biggest variety of inventory you can ever imagine!

All the brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, Google, OnePlus, Alcatel, CAT, Sonim, Coolpad, HTC etc.

All the models from the oldest flip phones to the newest iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

All the conditions from New to CPO to used to refurbished.

All the categories from cell phones to watches to hotspots.

Name them and we have them all!

Not only is our inventory the biggest, our shipping is also the fastest in the industry. When most suppliers offer shipping in 48-72 business hours, we offer shipping the SAME or NEXT day once payment is received! 


Our process

Receiving:  We receive bulk devices from carriers, manufacturers and vendors on a weekly basis. We have a very stable and steady inventory source to make sure we can offer you the most up-to-date devices.


Testing:  We have a core team of 30 people focused on our inventory testing, unlocking and data wiping.  Our team is well trained with our in house phonecheck testing program.  We strictly follow R2 guidelines to ensure all personal information is wiped before devices are up for sale.  All devices are iCloud account , google account, Samsung account free!


Repairing and Refurbishing:  Phones that did not pass fully functional in-house testing will be directed to our repair and refurbish department.  Our repair technicians are constantly learning and practicing the most up-to-date repair techniques.  All repaired and refurbished devices will go through phonecheck testing again to make sure they are fully functional before putting up for sale.


Shipping:  Our shipping team will be the most efficient team you have ever met.  We are able to ship out an average of 2000 devices a day.  All of our devices are well checked and packed.  We are partners with UPS, FedEx, USPS and ship 6 days a week besides Sunday!


Customer Service and RMA:  All of our devices are backed up with our 30 days replacement warranty.  Easy return and fast turn around will make your purchase with us headache free.